My Favorite Blogs

Well Folks, I have decided to assemble a Top 5 Favorite blogs. These are blogs/bloggers who I admire, respect, enjoy and (I mean you get the point) really like! So, in no particular order, go check out these blogs and send them a little love from this red lipstick-wearing cowgirl.

Adrian Buckaroogirl – This girl and her sister (Buckaroo Barbie) have to be two of my favorite people! Although I have never met either one of them I am a huge fan, they both stand for the Buckaroo way of life, but not just that but for strength, success and the western way of life. All of which I also believe in.  I’m not exactly a Buckaroo girl (considering I live in Oklahoma we don’t have many buckaroo’s), but I can dang sure get Punchy! So, go check out her blog and her sisters and tell them I sent you!

Buckaroo Barbie – Liz Brannan is sisters with Adrain (Buckaroogirl) and I would LOVE to meet these two! They both have great blogs, adventures, stories and lives in general.  Buckaroo Barbie is all about being a classy gal with goals, strength, grace, beauty, class, heart and soul, and above all a Buckaroo Barbie. Please follow these two gals and show them your support.

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman – Ok, are we seeing a trend here, I love strong, confident, Ranchy women who just happen to be great bloggers and inspiring human beings. Not only does the Pioneer Woman share great recipes, photography ideas, stories and insight she also gives away great stuff ( Let’s be honest we all love free stuff, I mean come on, I’m a college kid I need all the help I can get)!

Rural Gone Urban – First thing to know about Brooke is that she is NAMB (Not A Mommy Blogger!) She was once a fellow Oklahoman like myself and started her blog for many of the reasons I started Rodeos and Red Lipstick.  Her claim-to-fame, if you will, is humor, this girl has a great quirky sense of humor that just makes me smile.  Her life has taken her to places that she didn’t exactly expect and the fact that she is truly a rural girl gone urban brings her experiences to a more closely recognizable place in my brain. Her rural background allows me to relate to her urban experiences because I am also a rural girl.

Crystal Cattle – To continue the trend, Crystal Cattle is ag girl who like myself strives to share agriculture’s story, encourage farmers and ranchers to be ag advocates and to help the consumer learn where their food comes from. Follow her blog and on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest as she tries to give her readers a glimpse of life on a farm.


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