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How being a team roper got me in trouble

OK, OK, I know I might catch some flack for making that statement, but it’s really the truth. I say this honestly hoping I don’t run away any of my team roping followers, but hey, I’m a team roper too remember, so if I can say this about myself then I hope everyone else has […]

Ride Rank or Suffer

 “If you make it three jumps, it’s easy after that.”   It’s something my dad said once about staying hooked when trying to ride a bronc. I think the quote first came from some pro rodeo bronc rider describing how he became successful riding rodeo broncs and breaking colts. He says if you can make […]

For the Good of Texas

It’s Texas, it’s suppose to be 100 + degrees… right? Well, if that’s what brought me to Texas (which for the record it wasn’t) I would have been surprisingly wrong. One assumption I did make was that being in Texas, it’s basically the heartbeat of rodeo right? So that means rain, snow… the elements in […]

Fifteen honest life goals anyone in the rodeo or ag industry would have…

I recently read a blog post about what women “really” want in life. If all the political correctness was taken away and we didn’t have to worry about what society, family, friends or men would think about us the list of what we “really want out of life” would be a little less motivational and […]

Trying to get my act together!… NFR recap!

So, I feel like a total slacker! I didn’t post a Motivational Monday and I haven’t posted a re-cap on the National Finals Rodeo yet. And I’m not making any excuses it should have been done, however it seems the universe is punishing me this week, as I have been sick for the majority of […]