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How being a team roper got me in trouble

OK, OK, I know I might catch some flack for making that statement, but it’s really the truth. I say this honestly hoping I don’t run away any of my team roping followers, but hey, I’m a team roper too remember, so if I can say this about myself then I hope everyone else has […]

American Heroes and Japanese Bar Fights

A long pause of breath escapes his lips, his eyes wander into the distance and he recalls the moments he is about to share. Age has taken over his face and body, making his movements slower and wrinkles more defined, but the memory of the time spent over seas still rings crystal clear in his […]

No, sorry I am Mrs. Iglesias

              As many of you know this month has been extremely busy across the nation in all industries. From cutting, to team roping, showing and even barrel racing! Out of all the hustle and bustle that’s been going on I haven’t gotten as much chances to compete as I’ve […]

Them Damn Texans

Well folks, it has officially been too long! How is everyone? About 5-years-older with full-man-beards and grey hair I assume! Okay, maybe that’s taking it a little too far, but honestly people it has been way too long! I would say that I have forgotten what it’s like to write, but that seems to be […]

Taking Checks and Breaking Necks (Part 2)

The breakaway is over, do we head home? Nah, instead we decide what’s another 30 minutes? We’ll make our way over to a barrel race. Now, if any of you know me, then you know I’m not a can chaser. I’m more of the “Die Hard, Tie Hard” kind of gal. But I’ve got a […]