Fifteen honest life goals anyone in the rodeo or ag industry would have…

I recently read a blog post about what women “really” want in life. If all the political correctness was taken away and we didn’t have to worry about what society, family, friends or men would think about us the list of what we “really want out of life” would be a little less motivational and a little more … hilariously accurate!

             Instead of consisting of things like “run my own company” or that “white picket fence” dream, the life goals of honest women would include things like “a great kitchen we never have to cook in because someone else does it for us,” or to “have an engagement ring with its own zip code.”

            In many ways this list did reflect some pretty accurate life goals for what I think as women we would wish for if we happened upon a genie in a bottle (great 90’s song by the way… takes me back to the “good old days”). But, as a rodeo girl who grew up in the ag industry, there are few things missing from the list. I thought it fitting to include this list for the New Year. Maybe this list will inspire some of you to make a more realistic list of goals for the New Year, or to make some honest New Year’s resolutions, if nothing else hopefully you will get a little chuckle. I got to thinking about what my or other rodeo kids’ “honest life goals” would be and they look a little more like this:


1.    A jam-up calf horse that never ages (one even better than Texaco, Chicken or Topaz)

2.    An endless free supply of Cactus ropes

3.    The nicest rig money can buy, only you wouldn’t have to pay for it because they’re your sponsor and they decided to just give it to you!

4.    A one of a kind American Hat for every outfit

5.    Boots that never wear out

6.    For PETA, HSUS and all those other animal rights propaganda organizations to STOP telling lies about our beloved industry and world

7.    For the American population to be well educated about where our food comes from

8.    For farmers and ranchers to get a nationally recognized holiday, because without them we wouldn’t be alive!

9.    For our horses, livestock, and pets to never get injured or sick

10.  To have enough grassland and farmland in the U.S. for farmers and ranchers to do what they love without worrying about how they are going to raise enough cattle, or crops to pay for the farm mortgage

11.  For every American to have those good old-fashioned western lifestyle values

12.  To have The Duke as a best friend

13.  For open-carry and riding your horse to Sonic to be an everyday occurrence

14.  A job that pays like you’re a division 1 football coach, but doesn’t require you to ever go into the office

15.  For the daunting diesel and gas prices to be considered “pocket-change” to our wallets

Love,  K

P.S. If you don’t know who Texaco (Real Cool Dual), Chicken (Eatin With Rooster) or Topaz (Big Smokin Otoe) are …. Well I honestly don’t know how to help you then! Just kidding, but seriously if you don’t, then you need to go check these horses out!! By far some of the best horseflesh in the industry! And make sure to check out Texaco and Trevor’s bridle-less run at the AQHA show in Fort Worth!




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