NFR rounds 1-4

Tonight will mark the half way point for the 2014 National Finals Rodeo. Round No. 5 begins tonight, kicking off the action in the Thomas and Mack arena in Las Vegas with the Bareback riding, after which only five rounds will remain. So far, the NFR has been packed with excitement, fast times, difficult decisions, injuries, broken records and motivation.

Already world championships have been decided. Trevor Brazile collects his 21st gold buckle as he clenches the world standings in the All-Around. The 2014 all-around title makes this Brazile’s record-breaking12th all-around title, and an unprecedented nine straight. Virtually untouchable with $361,046 in earnings Brazile stands at $197,605 richer than Tuf Cooper, who is second in the all-around standings. Brazile won the Steer Roping gold buckle on Nov. 8 and stands only one world title away from earning another Triple Crown. If he is able to do so, it would mark his third Triple Crown, matching the record set by Jim Shoulders.

Bringing you the highlights through Round 4, I’ve compiled the round winners thus far. This information is taken directly from where you can find all the full list of standings, round results, and more! Make sure to go check out the PRCA website!


Round 1 winners: $19,002.40 (each round winner)

*event: name, time

Tie-down: Marty Yates, 7.40,

Team Roping (Headers): Turtle Powell, 4.0

Team Roping (Heelers): Dakota Kirchenschlager, 4.0

Steer Wrestling: Nick Guy, 3.6

Barrel Racing: Fallon Taylor, 14.09

*event: name, score, livestock rode

Bareback: Kaycee Field, 84.5, Cactus Juice

Saddle Bronc: Cort Scheer, 87, Short Stop

Bull Riding: Joe Frost, 85.5, Rattler


Round 2 winners

*event: name, time

Tie-down: Cade Swor, 7.7

Team Roping (Headers): Turtle Powell, 3.80

Team Roping (Heelers): Dakota Kirchenschlager, 3.80

Steer Wrestling: (tie) Kyle Irwin and Luke Branquinho, 3.6, $17,010.21 (each)

Barrel Racing: Lisa Lockhart, 14.29

*event: name, score, livestock rode

Bareback: Steven Peebles, 85, Right Spur

Saddle Bronc: Jacobs Crawley, 82.5, Spade

Bull Riding: Aaron Pass, 89.5, Seeing Red


Round 3 winners

*event: name, time

Tie-down: Cody Ohl, 6.6

Team Roping (Headers): Dustin Bird, 3.9

Team Roping (Heelers): Paul Eaves, 3.9

Steer Wrestling: Kyle Irwin, 3.2

Barrel Racing: Kassidy Dennison, 13.94

*event: name, score, livestock rode

Bareback: Justin McDaniel, 89, Delta Ship

Saddle Bronc: Wade Sundell, 87, Low Bucks

Bull Riding: Sage Kimzey, 84.5, Lineman


Round 4 winners

*event: name, time

Tie-down: Marty Yates, 6.7

Team Roping (Headers): Luke Brown, 3.6

Team Roping (Heelers): Kollin VonAhn, 3.6

Steer Wrestling: Seth Brockman, 3.6

Barrel Racing: Fallon Taylor, 13.85

*event: name, score, livestock rode

Bareback: (tie) Bobby Mote, 84, Rylee’s Raisin Cain; Tim O’Connell, 84, On Tap, $17, 010.21 (each)

Saddle Bronc: Spencer Wright, 84, Mata Fact

Bull Riding: Sage Kimzey, 87, Kojack

*Information courtesy of PRCA, for more information and results, real-time rankings and more visit or


After Round No. 4 the projected world standings are looking like this: Holding onto his world standing lead in the Tie-Down is Tuff Cooper with $159,748. With only $27,894 separating him from the first place stop is Trevor Brazile with world standing earnings reaching $131,854. I might remind everyone, to win a round at the NFR is worth $19,000, I foresee this race between Brazile and Cooper being a pretty hot one in the coming rounds. Brazile is currently holding the lead in the average. Both, Brazile and Cooper, being solid and aggressive athletes it will definitely be worth watching the next six rounds to see how the competition escalates between these two.

World standing Team Ropers read out like this after Round No. 4: In the heading Clay Tryan and Dustin Bird fight it out for the top stop. Tryan is holding on with $139,144 in season earnings followed by Bird with $124,663. Jade Corkill holds onto his top spot in the heeling and Paul Eaves sets at No. 2.

The Steer Wrestling has been possibly one of the most shifting events during this year’s NFR. Moving into the top stop in the world is Luke Branquinho from his solid efforts during the first four rounds. Along with taking the lead in the world with $122,539 he is also holding the lead in the average.

Barrel Racing has also been an event where the world standings has changed due to the success of Fallon Taylor during the NFR. Taking the lead in the world with $180,816. Lisa Lockhart is hot on her trail sitting second in the world with $163,606.

Saddle Bronc riding world standings still belong to Taos Muncy with $141,437, however Cort Scheer is, hot on Muncy’s heels, sitting second in the world with $139,499.

In the Bareback the man Kaycee Fields holds on to his top spot in the world with $195,370. The would be second place man, Steven Peebles, went into the fourth round with $145,932, however because of a back injury sustained during the third round he made the decision to end his season here. I don’t foresee his second place lead staying much longer, however, a congratulations is in order for the cowboy in his great showing throughout the year and during the first part of the finals. I’m sure it was a tough decision to make however at the risk of being permanently paralyzed I have so say I agree with his decision. Keeping yourself healthy and capable for many years of competition should always take priority and I applaud his responsibilities as a professional athlete.

Remaining with his hard to reach lead of $192,510 in the Bull Riding is Sage Kimzey, who also holds the lead in the average. Winning two consecutive rounds the Rookie is making a great showing at his first NFR. The next closes man stands at $151,905 in world standing earnings and sits No. 2, the man being, Trey Benton III.

Make sure to visit .com for full results, news, standings and more information!



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