Them Damn Texans

Well folks, it has officially been too long! How is everyone? About 5-years-older with full-man-beards and grey hair I assume! Okay, maybe that’s taking it a little too far, but honestly people it has been way too long! I would say that I have forgotten what it’s like to write, but that seems to be the only thing I do these days. Yep, I write all day everyday. So, you’d think I would have gotten some good blogging time in right?! Umm, no. I work for “The Man” now, I mean she’s actually a woman (You Bet! #GIRLBOSS). That means my writing has been strictly for the company lately. I know, I shouldn’t let work over take my life, but that’s why I’m determined to get a blog post hammered out tonight. (remember I do my best work at night).


Anyway, I feel I owe you guys a bit of an explanation. My sketch appearance lately is due to the fact that I have accepted a new job! That’s right you heard me, a new job. A job that I just happen to love! Not only have I accepted a new job but I’ve uprooted my little Okie life and converted into one of them damn Texans. You know the type, crazy drivers but all around great people. I am now the associate editor of a publication in Fort Worth. Yeah transitioning from a small-town Oklahoma to Fort Worth was quite the experience.  I go from one day making it to work in 10 minutes to hoping some idiot hasn’t wrecked so that I make it to work in 45 minutes! I’m not the most patient driver in the world, and bumper-to-bumper cars whizzing around me to then slam on their breaks because, oh I’m not some dumb Okie who doesn’t know how to drive, but rather there really is a line of 175 cars in front of me….. well let’s just say if I wasn’t already a firm believer in coffee after three weeks in Fort Worth traffic it has become a necessity!

IMG_5455[1] IMG_5555[1] IMG_5517[1]

All in all it has been a good move so far, I have found a wonderful place to move into, complete with a home for The Pony and even an arena (Look out!)! Hey guys remember to follow me on Instagram and you can keep up with all the shenanigans of this new adventure with me. You never know when road-rage will kick in and I will be forced to post a video of me yelling at fellow drivers. (I mean, that would be rude, I wouldn’t do that). Some things I do miss however, is that Oklahoma sunset! My family of course, leaving my friends and family may have been the hardest thing I have done in my life thus far. But, in the short few weeks that I have been a Texan I have learned some pretty valuable lessons.

1. Find a safe and easy route to work… this eliminates on the road-rage yelling.

2. Find a favorite grocery store, coffee shop, and feed store that is on your route to work and where the people are friendly and prices reasonable.

3.  Branch out, find a few new friends… lunch is waaay boring by yourself.

4. Find a church you are comfortable in and encourages you to worship Jesus with all your heart!

5. When all else fails, bailing wire is just as good as duct tape.

6. Gas…. it’s necessary… fill-up your truck!

7. Look before you switch lanes, and the horn should only be used for emergencies.

8. Dress to impress and always work hard… you never know who is watching!

9. Find the local arenas, jackpots, stock contractors and rodeos.

10. When you have the opportunity to go rope calves…..GO!

I’m sure I’ll learn a thing or two more while I’m down here in Texas, so keep up-to-date with me on all my social media platforms! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course on here!!


Love, K

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