15 Things To Get Me Inspired

For some reason I always find myself blogging in the early morning hours.  Tonight is no exception. It’s right around 2 a.m. and here I am; computer propped open on my lap, notebook by my side and my brain swimming with ideas. So as I sit here with the fever to write something I find myself in a dilemma. What should I write about? Should I share a rodeo story? Maybe an interesting life fact? Talk about current events? All these questions are bouncing around in my head with no where to go except on paper. This is where my nerd status really kicks in, because you see even though I am a blogger you might think all my creativity and inspiration comes about from a computer screen.  Wrong. I am forever an old fashioned kind of gal. Pen and notebook is how I prefer to do my planning, brainstorming and idea creation. I started jotting down all the things I could write about, things that interest me, that are important to me and that I find worthwhile. This slowly evolved into a list of things that I find inspiring.  You probably get the idea by now (I mean the title is “15 Things To Get Me Inspired”), I have decided to share a short list of things that get me inspired!

If you have never done this I highly recommend you sit down and make one. It doesn’t have to be 15 things it could be 3 or 33 just whatever inspires you.  I’ll take bets that you learn something about yourself when you do this, at least for me it helped to put a perspective on the things in my life that matter and the things for which I have a passion.

Anyway, without any longer delay here is my list! Enjoy!

15 Things To Get Me Inspired

1. Pen & Notebook

2. A sunny day

3. A leisurely ride on my favorite mare

4. Fetch with a hyper Border Collie

5. A Chris LeDoux, Ian Tyson, Cody Gaines, Garth Brooks, George Strait, or Adrian Brannan song

6. A bible verse

7. An inspirational/motivational quote

8. An artistic photo

9. A favorite blog

10. The smell of a baby-powdered rope

11. The sweet smell of a sweaty saddle blanket

12. A long talk with a good friend

13. An interesting news article

14. Advise from a role model

15. Teaching/informing others about the agricultural industry


Love, K

P.S. Let me know what you guys and gals think about my list. Do share some interests with my list? What does your list contain?


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