Well folks, it’s Monday and I don’t know about in your neck of the woods, but in mine it was an absolutely beautiful day! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (which you totally should!) then you know that on most Mondays I share a #MotivationalMonday post.  Well, today I was trying to catch up on emails, notifications and reading some of my favorite bloggers when I found a wonderful example of a #MotivationalMonday! It’s a little different style than I usually post, but it is definitely worth the read!

So, for any of you guys and gals out there who have been wanting to strike-out and start your own business or start a project you’ve been putting off then you really need to read Sara Von Bargen’s Plan For Starting A Business + Working For Yourself.  She shares some really awesome tips for working for yourself and starting a business. Knowing your strengths is very important. The next most important thing after knowing your strengths is knowing which ones people will pay you to do. From here it’s a down hill slide! Okay, I mean it’s not going to be easy,nothing worth while ever is, however, after you know what niche to fill (that you actually enjoy) it will make your life so much more fun! Go read this guys, trust me it’s one to get you thinking, it definitely is #MotivationalMonday worthy!

Chase your dreams no matter what they are!

Love, K

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