Fight, Push and Claw to Achieve Your Goals

This has felt like the shortest year of my life.

Twelve months they tell me, but it only felt like 12 weeks. Describe this year in one sentence? I don’t think I can. This year has been… Exhilarating, stressful, heartbreaking, exciting, joyful, scary, rewarding…… Blessed! It seems that through everything; from my dad getting sick and having surgery, to graduating from college, God has been present in my life through all the good times and bad. Helping me when I needed it and blessing me with each step, therefore blessed is the best way I can describe 2013.

Yes, the first day of 2014 is not even complete yet, however it is truly a new chapter for my life. I’m not sure what God has in store for me, but that’s just fine by me. I try to live my life with a wild, yet focused abandonment. Yes I realize that seems like a contradiction but let me explain. I use to be the time of person that wanted every second of my life planned, but I soon found out that life just is not fun when you live it like that. Not to mention, life rarely allows for much planning. Let’s face it. Our plans are rarely what God has planned for us, ( honestly His plans are always more worthwhile anyway ). So what’s the point of living life through a schedule when the unpredictable moments are the ones that turn into lasting memories or life long accomplishments? Now, that’s not to say I don’t have dreams, goals and aspirations because I definitely do! It is important to stay focused, push, claw, and fight ( you know all those intense “Hunger Games”  adjectives ) for your goals. So this year I am not writing ‘resolutions’, because frankly you never know when life will throw a curve ball. Rather, I am going to strive to live 2014 with God in my heart and live by the basis of knowing nothing is a guarantee in life, it’s unpredictable and sometimes baffling, life is a journey with winding roads and scaling mountains, but with God by my side and with a never ending determination I can accomplish anything.

I started this post intending to say a few quick words about the new year and wrap-up the major moments this year. It seems I have instead spilled my heart into this blog post. To bring this full circle, I think the best way to put 2013 to rest is through picture documentation.  So, going off the saying that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, here are a few thousand words from 2013 ( and specifically these past couple weeks ).


This is my beautiful parents and I on my Fourth of July rodeo run! After four years if college and traveling with my college friends to rodeos it was so fun to be back on the rodeo road with my family.


One of my last college rodeos.



My wonderful brother and amazing sister-in-law always keep me in line.


Two of the best hauling partners a gal could ask for.


During a much needed trip home for Christmas I under estimated the road conditions and may or may not have ended up jack-knifing my truck and trailer in the road and walking myself and my horse home in the cold ( and by that I mean I did.).


A beautiful crisp winter day feeding cattle on my families small cow-calf operation.

A Ranchy new saddle my daddy bought for me for graduation.


Graduating college (with my “Canadian Tuxedo” and all).



And last but not least, wonderful joys of ropin calves on the rodeo trail.

Enjoy 2014 everyone and never be afraid to make your dreams come true !

Love, K
(Oh and of course remember it’s always OK to get a little Punchy every now and then!)


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