A week’s wrap-up

Sledding, checking cattle, baking, fun with friends and studying, studying, studying is what my past week has held.

This past week has been a whirl-wind of activities. From sledding to finishing the last final exam of my undergraduate career. These past few months have definitely been entertaining.

Let’s start with sledding. It’s Thursday evening and the town seems to be in a panic! “Oh no! Oklahoma might get an inch if snow!” Yes an inch, (seems terrifying right?! Wrong) around here an inch of snow shuts down all functions of the town. Granted, I am a huge baby when it comes to driving in ice and snow but I can even realize when Oklahomans get a little carried away. With that being said as I’m finishing a project for class I receive a text message from the university alerting students campus will be closed Friday. SNOW DAY!! I’m excited to say the least. So, on this glorious snow day what do Lynds and I do? Yep, we go sledding!


The only way to sled is from behind a horse! We may or may not have reverted back to our childhood days, saddled the horse and off we went! I’ll admit it was one of the best times I’ve had in quite awhile. (It’s been known to get a little ranchy when Lyndsay and I are involved).

The week was filled with many other activities from feeding cattle to eating sushi (yum!) but one of the highlights was finishing my last final exam of my undergraduate career (hopefully I don’t Jinks myself)! It’s a weird feeling that undergrad is over. If you stop to think about it, school consumes the majority of our lives. It’s a little scary to know that now you have to move on from that part and begin a new chapter! But, nonetheless, I’m excited to be graduating on Saturday with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications and Animal Science! I’m ready for the next step in life and I’m ready to turn the page to a new chapter!


In full Rodeos and Red Lipstick fashion I rocked the day in my wild rag, red lipstick and “Canadian Tuxedo”, knowing that today was not just an end, but more importantly it was a beginning to an entirely new spread of blessings!

Have a great week everyone! Remember, lipstick makes everything better, count your blessings everyday and it’s ok to get Punchy!
Love, K


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