Taking Checks and Breaking Necks (Part 2)

The breakaway is over, do we head home? Nah, instead we decide what’s another 30 minutes? We’ll make our way over to a barrel race. Now, if any of you know me, then you know I’m not a can chaser. I’m more of the “Die Hard, Tie Hard” kind of gal. But I’ve got a bad habit of having barrel racing friends.

As it turns out my barrel racing friend (Miss Shawna) is the only one of us that made any money tonight. Going home with dry pockets is just part of it. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but no matter what, Lynds, Shawna and I always make a good time out of any situation. Those two girls sure make me laugh and have a good time. I am definitely blessed to have them in my life.

Miss Shawna was surprised to see us (we didn’t tell her we were coming)!

The barrel race is over and now we are faced with a question: do we head home or do we try to find some trouble for the night?! I guess we’ll figure that out as the night goes on. (With us three trouble isn’t far behind.)
Until next time, have a great weekend and enjoy it with the people that make you laugh!

– Get Punchy, Love K


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  1. […] 3: Bridesmaids may be one of my favorite movies. Shawna (one of my very good friends I’ve written about before) and I use to quote this movie non-stop when we were in college. By far my favorite part of the […]

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