Little Interferences

ryleeWhat was suppose to be a quick and easy photo shoot of my brother’s wheat pasture calves turned into a bit of an adventure. My mom’s cute, innocence, sweet (cough, cough, yeah right!) puppy decided that I needed a little help corralling the calves for the photo shoot. Needless to say, the help she gave was like taking away the help of three good hired-hands. No help at all, in other words!

The pictures I was hoping for were more of just the calves daily lives out on wheat pasture. I wanted to portrait wheat’s dual purpose. Grazing cattle on wheat and then later pulling the cattle and harvesting the wheat when it matures is a common procedure around my hometown.

calves DSC_0590

Getting a few good shots of the calves out on wheat was basically just a practice exercise for myself. Honing my photography skills and hopefully telling a story at the same time. However, the story I captured was a little bit different.

rylee6 rylee5 rylee4 rylee3 rylee2 rylee7

This little nuisance sure made my day harder when she decided to get into my shot.  I guess she thinks that the Border Collie bloodlines makes her some kind of “cow dog” (and obviously that means she has to chase the calves! Right?!).

DSC_0593But at the end of the day how in the world could I ever get mad at that beautiful face?

– Get Punchy, Love K


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