The Rodeo Road

Starched jeans, wild rag, and of course red lipstick is what I sported this weekend while on the rodeo road.

I took the opportunity to travel with one of my good friends to the last college rodeo of the semester. Since I am not currently a card holding member I took on the role of “rodeo mom”. That’s right, I sure took good care of my kids this weekend. I strutted through the rodeo arena in full rodeo mom fashion.  Starched jeans, camera bag slung over my shoulder, notebook and pencil at the ready, and a don’t-mess-with-me determination. I have to admit someday I will make one heck of a good rodeo mom.


Feeling slightly depressed that I was not one of the competitors this weekend I busied myself with keeping times and watching calves for my friends. Truthfully, I had almost as much fun checking the draw and watching how calves run for my friends, as I did doing it for myself in my former college rodeo days. Nonetheless, I still missed the fact that I could not be competing this weekend. My rodeo mom skills must have brought some good luck to the team however, because the Oklahoma State University Rodeo Team tore it up in Alva, Okla. this weekend. The OSU team had three team roping teams, a breakaway calf roper, a tie-down calf roper and a barrel racer make it to the short-go. The men’s team finished the weekend placing 2nd overall for the rodeo. Everyone did a great job representing OSU, I can’t prove it was because I was there, but I’m going to say it was because they had their rodeo mom there (just kidding).

The weekend did not stop when we pulled out of Alva, Okla. We spent the several hour drive back to Stillwater jamming out to Red Dirt music, Cody Gaines, and I’ll admit we even listened to a Miley Cyrus song (But only one!). Oh, and maybe somewhere in that time frame I took a pretty good Tiger-Snooze. By the time we arrived in Stillwater I was pretty beat, but after a good nights rest I was ready to go again. We pulled out of Stillwater to hit that rodeo road once more for the weekend. We traveled to a breakaway jackpot a few hours north to try our hand at some money earning. This is my kind of life going from one rodeo to the next and this time I would actually get to rope. The calves were great. An even set with medium run, they made for a fun roping. A three-header with a short score the roping got pretty tough. A 2.9 second run won the first round, 2.6 won the second, and 2.2 won the last round. My hauling partner and I both did well. We both won a round each and she ended up third in the average.


Overall, the weekend was a success! It was definitely a lot of fun and beats the heck out of staying home. It was a long over due trip to be sure. Like the song says “I was long over-due for heading out of town”.

This coming weekend I probably won’t have any exciting rodeo trips to share, however, one of my best friends is coming to town for her birthday, so who knows what kind of shenanigans we will be getting into. We’ve been know to tear up a dance floor or two in our day and even play a few games of pool, which for some reason I always lose (She’s a pool shark is why I lose!).

Until next time, keep on doing what you love, being who you are, Get Punchy and maybe I’ll see you on the rodeo road! Love K


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