Good Friends and Coffee

Well folks, today my day did not start as planned. I woke up late, (and I mean 10 minutes before I needed to be in class) I did not have time for make-up, breakfast or any of the usuals, and I still had to feed the “pony” before class. I pull into the arena planning to fling hay and grain to my horse when I notice three roping calves are out (Fantastic!). A bit on the edgy-side I would say my day was starting out to be a real doozy. As I’m chunking hay across the fence and about to tackle the calf problem I get a phone call from one of my good friends on the rodeo team. She just happens to be at the arena feeding her horses and saw my truck. After having a good laugh about the time being 10:26 a.m. (I have class at 10:30 … No big deal) she brings me a cup of Starbucks Coffee! Without this simple act I don’t think I would have been able to make it through the day. Ends up I wasn’t too terribly late to class and with Starbucks Coffee in my hand it didn’t make much difference if I was.

Anyway, just a quick thought and a thank you to Miss Sara Honegger before I continue my day.

Starbucks Coffee

– Remember to Get Punchy, Love K


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