Rumor Has It

Rumor on my Twitter feed is that the National Finals Rodeo might be making its way back to Oklahoma City after the 2014 event. The NFR is held every December, since 1985, in Las Vegas. ProRodeo’s most prestigious and richest rodeo, the event showcases the best cowboys, cowgirls, and livestock in the industry. So, move the event to Okla.? Speaking as an Oklahoman I would be ecstatic. However, is it really going to happen? It will definitely be interesting to see where the talk will take the event.
Being of the technological generation I decided to “Google” it. What I found was a lot of differing opinions. Some of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s finest cowboys such as Shane Hanchey seem to think the NFR would do well in Oklahoma City. Contestants seem to like the feel of the smaller town, allowing better concentration, and cheaper nights. However, PRCA has not yet released any news about decisions for the event after 2014. Texas has also been looking at roping the event into their schedule, a big state with big dreams Texas I’m sure has the man power, space and money to get a prestigious event like the NFR. But, don’t count out Okla. When Oklahomans put their mind to something there is no telling what they might accomplish. Look what happened with the Thunder.

As a rodeo athlete, although having never competed at the NFR, my opinion is that it does not really matter where the event is held the cowboys will still show up. Obviously I would love for the NFR to come to my great state, but the fact remains that in today’s world money conquers all. I am afraid at the end of the day it will come down to the city willing to pay the most money, promise the best results and willing to go the extra mile.

– Get Punchy, Love K


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