Punchy Men

Popped collars on rugged-denim jackets. Wide-brimmed, “West Texas Punch”-crowned cowboy hats. Colorful paisley wild-rags tied artfully around their necks. Knee-high boots with spurs permanently attached. Last but not least, crystal-white smiles and “southern-boy” drawls. Punchy Men.

I can pick out a punchy man in a crowd of a thousand. However, I think most anyone could. Punchy men are the most distinct breed of man I have ever met. Some people think “punchy” is an insult or meant to demean someone, this is not the case. There are many types of cowboys in the world and punchy is not something to hang your head about. If there is one thing I have learned from my days on the the rodeo road, is there are all kinds of kinds. The interesting part is every stereotype and category serves a purpose. Most people do not give a second thought to the punchy cowboy who opens the door for them or shows up with mud covered boots and jingling spurs. Fact is, he serves a purpose in this world. 72 percent of Americans do not even know (or know very little) where their food comes from, according to a national survey in 2011 reported on by PR Newswire. To many, steak, hamburger and roast merely come from the grocery store. How does it get there? Well, that punchy man I have been talking about, he brings it to the consumers. Not directly, there are many other factors that go into meat being sold at the store, but before the processing plants get a hold of the product the cattle have to be raised.

Sun up to sun down that punchy man is doing the thankless jobs. Riding fences, checking heifers, feeding steers and branding calves. He does this job in all types of weather. He is just as dedicated as the U.S. postal service. Rain, sleet, snow or shine the cattle must be fed. This may be an unfair comparison but the basics are the same. He does the jobs that we as consumers do not think about. We do not think about the cowboy that is up calving a heifer in the early morning hours, or making sure the cattle have hay when there is four feet of snow on the ground. No, we just order the steak and complain if it does not come out how we ordered.

My challenge to you is the next time that punchy cowboy opens the door and calls you ma’am, instead of standing dumbstruck from his manners, thank him. He might not understand why you are thanking him, because to him it is his life not a job, but without him we would not have food on our plates. Plus, sometimes just saying thank you will put a smile on both your faces and make the day a whole lot better.

– Get Punchy, Love K


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