One evening I got home late from work, it was dark already and the temperature had dropped about 15 degrees from the daytime. Where I live I have access to a lighted arena, but no round pen so I always have to ride in the big pen. Several nights a week team ropers come and […]

In the “What Do We Do Now?” blog series I have a new post up about the late-night fun of unloading a 2-year-old, who has only been hauled a few times, in the dark, in a new place after a four hour drive. Check out the second installment of “What Do We Do Now?” here: […]

I recently – as in four months ago – purchased a 2-year-old palomino filly by a Duel Rey stallion and out of a Shining Spark mare. She’s amazing. I mean, flat out wonderful in all aspects, but as you can imagine training a 2-year-old from the ground up hasn’t come without its challenges. So, I […]

OK, OK, I know I might catch some flack for making that statement, but it’s really the truth. I say this honestly hoping I don’t run away any of my team roping followers, but hey, I’m a team roper too remember, so if I can say this about myself then I hope everyone else has […]

What drives you? Is it an overwhelming fire inside your heart? Is it something so powerful, so strong, that you feel as if you don’t answer the call then you may actually and physically die? Or is it a desperate desire to be rich? Maybe it’s the realization that money has a constant hold on […]